Plastics Handbook 5E

The Resource for Plastics Engineers
Copyright: 2019
ISBN: 9781569905593
Hardcover: 680 pages
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Plastics Handbook 5E (eBook)
Baur, E.


  • Common Acronyms in Plastics Technology
  • Material Properties and Testing Methods
  • Plastic Processing Technologies
  • Plastic Materials
  • Additives, Fillers, and Fibers
  • Material Properties Overview



The Plastics Handbook provides everything important there is to know about plastics, comprehensively compiled in a compact and well-organized format. From material properties to machines, processing, and applications, the user will find detailed information that allows the successful implementation of new materials and technologies. This concise, competent, modern reference not only explains the basic facts and interrelationships, but also serves as a practical guide for engineers to help them succeed in today‘s challenging, global industrial world. Searching for specific materials, properties, or any other information is particularly easy, because the reader also has free access to the electronic version of the book.

The 5th edition is comprehensively updated throughout, with a new clearer layout. Also now in full color!

Author Info:

Baur, E.
Osswald, T.

Dr. Tim A. Osswald teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is co-Director of the Polymer Engineering Center. He also holds honorary professorships at the Friedrich Alexander Universität in Erlangen, Germany and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He teaches and does research in polymer engineering, a field where he has published 11 books and over 300 papers.


Rudolph, N.

Dr.-Ing. Natalie Rudolph is Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering. She was previously Team Leader at the Fraunhofer Institute ICT, Germany, and Chief Engineer of the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.