Picture of Computers are only human (eBook)

Computers are only human (eBook)

Bernhard Langer and Michael Fraikin: A conversation about systematic factor-based investing
ISBN: 9783446454545
Copyright: 2017
PDF: 127 pages
$39.99 (US)


Introduction:  Factor-based investing: How and why does it work? Computers in the financial world:  Deus ex machina or a tool of humankind? A personal path to the quantitative method. The pinnacle of investment: Factor-based investing (FBI). Risk management in a world without interest. The bottom line: “It’s not witchcraft, just higher mathematics”. Appendix:  Introduction to factor investing theory. Factor-based investing for the field of pensions. PowerShares by Invesco: ETF pioneers in factor strategies. Glossary. The interview subjects. The editors.


Factor-based investment strategies can be an effective instrument to ensure broader portfolio diversification or to help achieve specific investment goals. Bernhard Langer and Michael Fraikin have been involved in factor-based investment strategies for over 20 years. The interview with these two experts provides personal insights into the world of quantitative managers and the fascinating evolution of an investment strategy that continues to have revolutionary effects on our industry.



Author Info:

Hiller von Gaertringen, C.

For more than 25 years, Hiller has chronicled the internatio-nal financial markets – as an editor for European media titles such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Welt and Wirt-schaftswoche, and as a correspondent for the French daily newspaper Le Monde. He has published books on Deutsche Bank, our emotional relationship to money, and on Africa’s economic upswing. In 1990, he received his Master’s Degree in Economics from Lumière University Lyon 2, with a major in Money-Banking-Finance.

Zolling, P.

Peter Zolling has a doctorate in history, and is the author of the books Deutsche Geschichte von 1848 bis zur Gegenwart – Macht in der Mitte Europas and Das Grundgesetz. Unsere Ver-fassung – wie sie entstand und was sie ist. After years working as a TV and radio journalist at the ARD, Zolling became exe-cutive editor of the contemporary history desk at SPIEGEL. The expert in communications and reputation management lives in Hamburg and provides consulting for companies, as-sociations, and public institutions.