Grippers in Motion

The Fascination of Automated Handling Tasks
ISBN: 978-1-56990-714-6
Copyright: 2018
Hardcover: 331 pages
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Grippers in Motion (eBook)
Wolf, A.


The Handling Process. Grippers--The "App" for Robots. Getting a Grasp of Grippers. Movement Adds Value. The Future of Gripping and Handling Technology.


Automated gripping and handling tasks offer a great rationalization potential but they are still difficult to realize. This book shows you how to ensure process reliability on the basis of combining the right components with advanced application know-how. By explaining basic preconditions of the gripping process and highlighting the milestones of automation history, we guide you all the way through to the center of the handling process – the workpiece. Its ambient conditions and setup are clearly defined as well as the process of setting grippers in motion. Starting with simple linear movements up to multiaxis kinematics, you are provided with the details for practical solutions. A whole range of current applications illustrates the variety and opportunities of automation in daily business.

Author Info:

Wolf, A.
Schunk, H.