Thermoforming 2E

A Practical Guide
Copyright: 2019
ISBN: 9781569907085
Hardcover: 495 pages
$219.99 (US)

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Thermoforming 2E (eBook)
Schwarzmann, P.


Introduction. Basic principles and terminology in thermoforming. Semi-finished thermoplastic materials. Heating technology in thermoforming. Heaters in sheet-processing machines. Heaters in automatic roll-fed machines. Heating multicoloured and preprinted materials using IR heaters. Thermoforming process on sheet-processing machines, punching station with blade cut. Thermoforming process on automatic roll-fed machines, forming and punching tools with shear cuts. Special procedures using combined forming and punching tools in automatic roll-fed machines. Thermoforming transparent parts. Thermoforming preprinted materials.  Cooling the formed parts. Demolding. Stacking parts. Finish-processing on thermoformed parts. Punching thermoformed parts. Decoration and thermoforming. Distortion in thermoformed parts. Thermoforming tools. Temperature control for thermoforming tools. Energy consumption in thermoforming. Thermoforming faults.



Thermoforming is an area of plastics processing with especially high growth, applying to both production of technical parts as well as for packaging. In the area of plastics packaging, thermoforming is unrivaled as a processing method.

This popular and unparalleled book has been comprehensively extended and revised in its second edition. New topics include thermoforming tools, decoration in thermoforming, and energy usage in thermoforming.

In addition to the thermoplastic materials, all procedural steps of thermoforming as well as the essential machine types and fundamentals of making tools and molds are described comprehensively and illustrated with practical examples.

This is a practical manual for both beginners and experienced professionals, based on a well-proven teaching program employed in training courses, with detailed descriptions of the principles and processes of thermoforming. It provides an introduction to the topic for students, as well as the fundamental knowledge for deeper treatment of specific problems for working engineers and technicians with practical field experience.


Author Info:

Schwarzmann, P.

Peter Schwarzmann, now retired, was in charge of the product area of ​​sheet processing machines for many years at ILLIG.


ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of thermoforming and packaging technology worldwide, with more than 80 countries producing ambitious and high-precision parts from thermoplastic materials.