3D Printing 2E

Understanding Additive Manufacturing
Copyright: 2019
ISBN: 9781569907023
Softcover: 204 pages
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3D Printing 2E (eBook)
Gebhardt, A.


Basics of 3D Printing Technology. Additive Manufacturing Processes/3D Printing. The Additive Manufacturing Process Chain and Machines for Additive Manufacturing. Applications of Additive Manufacturing. Perspectives and Strategies of Additive Manufacturing. Materials and Design. Glossary.



Additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printing, and desktop manufacturing are names given to the technology of layer-based manufacturing and its application. These terms describe new manufacturing processes from which the establishment of another industrial revolution is expected. Not only accelerated product development via fast production of complex prototypes and with improved quality can be realized, but also production of final parts, independent from the size of the lot.

3D printing is applicable in all branches of industry. Anybody engaged in engineering design and production, but also in strategic product planning, should know at least the basics of AM to perform a qualified evaluation and selection of the best applicable technology.

Suitable for the practitioner as well as students and people new to the field, this book imparts a basic knowledge of the processes and thoroughly demonstrates exemplary applications. Almost all currently available machines are presented in a systematic way that also allows the classification and evaluation of future systems. The large and fast-growing variety of different machines for additive manufacturing processes is also classified. Besides processes, also discussed are new working strategies that result from digital, mixed production, allowing a decentralized manufacture that could thoroughly change the organization of today’s production.

The book has been extensively updated from the last edition (Understanding Additive Manufacturing) to account for the recent explosion of availability of small, inexpensive 3D printers for domestic use, as well as new industrial printers for series production that have come onto the market.


Author Info:

Gebhardt, A.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Gebhardt is managing director of the Center of Prototyping, CP (Center for Prototyping GmbH), Erkelenz, Germany. He is also professor of high-performance processing in manufacturing engineering and rapid prototyping at the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany, and guest professor at the City University, New York. 

Kessler, J.

 Dr. Julia Kessler is Managing Director of IwF GmbH (Institute for Toolless Fabrication), Aachen. She received her PhD from the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, specializing in high-performance methodology for production engineering and additive manufacturing. 

Thurn, L.

 Laura Thurn, M. Eng. is a doctoral student at the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen. Her subject specialty is high-performance methodology for production engineering and additive manufacturing.