The Economy as an Oscillating System

Lessons Learned - Insights - Forecasts
ISBN: 978-1-56990-778-8
Copyright: 2019
Hardcover: 204 pages
$39.99 (US)


 Business Cycle Patterns. Structure. Process. A Finger on the Economic Pulse. Forecasts.


Is it possible to forecast economic crises?

Economic researchers have been grappling with this topic for generations. The outcome of all their efforts is, to some extent, a large number of contradictory theories. Regarding the economy as a living, pulsating system--which organizes itself and is in constant interaction with its environment--provides extensive insights and forms the basis for this book.

The author presents a system that enables demand for capital goods to be forecast quite reliably up to 18 months into the future, based on global economic indicators. 

Author Info:

Meier, P.

Peter Meier is a production engineer from Goldach and was the CEO of the precision machine tool company Starrag, Switzerland for many years. For decades, he has produced customised forecasts for companies and industries that are used to interpret the economic situation and for strategic planning. His forecasting is continued today by a team at hpo forecasting ag, for which he still provides conceptual support. He also sits on the supervisory boards of various companies in the machinery industry.