Plastics Technology

Introduction and Fundamentals
ISBN: 978-1-56990-767-2
Copyright: 2020
Hardcover: 478 full-color pages
$144.99 (US)

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Plastics Technology (eBook)
Bonten, C.


 Introduction. Fundamentals. Plastics Materials Engineering. Plastics Processing Technology. Product Development with Plastics. Plastics and the Environment. 


This introductory book covers the entire spectrum of plastics technology/engineering, from raw materials to finished plastic products. It is not just for university students in plastics technology and other engineering disciplines but also for beginners to the field in general.

The interconnectivity between the different relevant knowledge areas of plastics technology, such as materials engineering, processing technology, and product development, is emphasized. A chapter "Plastics and the Environment" is also included, covering a topic often of great concern to students and newcomers to the field.

Also includes numerous videos, conveniently linked via QR codes, to better demonstrate key processes visually.

Author Info:

Bonten, C.

University Professor Dr.-Ing. Christian Bonten heads the Institute for Plastics Technology (Institut für Kunststofftechnik; IKT) in Stuttgart, one of the leading German research institutes in the field of plastics technology. After studying mechanical engineering in Duisburg/Germany and plastics processing at the University in Aachen/Germany, Prof. Bonten received his doctorate in the field of welding plastics under supervision of Prof. Ernst Schmachtenberg. After several years of technical responsibility and later business responsibility at the chemical company BASF and the bioplastics manufacturer FKuR, he was appointed Director and Head of the IKT by the University of Stuttgart in 2010. The institute works in all areas of plastics technology: materials engineering, processing technology, and product engineering.