Picture of Plastics Injection Molding (eBook)

Plastics Injection Molding (eBook)

Scientific Molding, Recommendations, and Best Practices
ISBN: 978-1-56990-690-3
Copyright: 2020
PDF: 400 full-color pages
$99.99 (US)


PART I:  Plastics
Polymers. Thermodynamic Behavior of Plastics: PVT Graphs. Burn Test. Water and Plastics, a Difficult Friendship. Acronyms for Some Plastics, Reinforced Plastics, and Rubbers. General Features of Some of the Most Used Thermoplastics. Chemical Resistances. Additives. Tests on Plastics. Properties of Plastics: Understanding Technical Data Sheets.
PART 2:  Material Selection
Material Selection Checklist. Material Selection.
PART 3:  Injection: Machines and Processes
The Injection Molding Machine. Key Parameters for Setting the Injection Molding Process. Correct and Optimized Methodology for the Process Start-up. Generic Recommendations for Injection Molding Conditions. Mold Design Guide Recommendations. Gates: Types and Recommendations. Plastic Parts Design: Recommendations. Injection: Some Practical Tips.
PART 4:  Scientific Molding
Scientific  Molding or Injection by Advanced Methods. Using Spreadsheets: Advanced Molding and Machine Portability.
PART 5:  Failure Analysis
Process Under Control, Failure Analysis. Typical Problems in Plastics Injection. Defects in Injection Molded Parts. Analysis of Real Cases.
PART 6:  Reference Material
Reference Data Tables.



Plastics Injection Molding: Scientific Molding, Recommendations, and Best Practices is a user-friendly reference book and training tool with all the essentials to understand injection molding of plastics. It is a practical guide to refining and controlling the process, increasing robustness and consistency, increasing productivity and profitability, and reducing costs. It is aimed at injection molding technicians, process engineers, quality engineers, mold designers, part designers, simulation engineers, team leaders, plant managers, and those responsible for purchasing plastic materials.

This book contains structured information on process definitions and parameters, optimization methods, key points, interpretation of data sheets, among other useful recommendations regarding both technology and design. It also provides analysis of process deviation, defects, and incidents, as well as a section dedicated to material selection and comparison.

Includes a bonus of downloadable Excel spreadsheets for application to scientific molding, process analysis, and optimization.

Author Info:

Lerma Valero, J.

José R. Lerma Valero is a Technical Manager at Biesterfeld Iberica SLU with 30+ years experience in the field of thermoplastic injection molding. His technical training courses have been attended by hundreds of professionals from a range of sectors, and he has been employed as a professor at various technology centers in Spain.

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