Composite Technology, 2e (eBook)

Prepregs and Monolithic Part Fabrication Technologies
Copyright: June 2021
ISBN: 9781569908266
PDF: PDF, 267 pages
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-Prepregs and Their Precursors

-Prepreg Technology

-Prepregs: Processing Technology

-Curing Technologies

-Tooling Technology

-Testing of Prepregs

-Design and Production

-Thermoplastic Prepregs


Prepreg materials are pre-impregnated fibers for the manufacture of composite components, and are widely applied in the wind energy and aerospace industries. The properties of these semi-finished products, the type of processing, and the component design collectively play an important role in the quality and suitability for mass production of a fiber composite component. This book provides a holistic approach, showing the influence and mutual interaction of the parameters involved in the production of fiber composite components.

"Composite Technology" gives an overview of the current state of prepreg technology, generation, and development as well as their variations and trends. It covers the fundamentals of prepreg preparation and starting materials; processing technology and automation; interactions between construction/design and material and between tooling material and composite components/design; testing of prepreg semi-finished products and components; and typical error patterns.

New in this second edition is an extension of the coverage to include thermoplastic prepregs (TPPs) and their production, processing, and testing. Further updates on prepreg production and processing are also included.

Author Info:

Volker Altstädt

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Altstädt is Director of the the Polymer Engineering Department at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Hauke Lengsfeld

Dr.-Ing. Hauke Lengsfeld is Technical Support Manager at Hexcel Composite GmbH, Germany.

Javier Lacalle

Dr.-Ing. Javier Lacalle is Principal engineer for advanced manufacturing-operations at Collins Aerospace.

Thomas Neumeyer

 Dr.-Ing. Thomas Neumeyer is, since 2015, Head of the “Polymers” division at Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH, a non-academic research institution.