Injection Mold Design Handbook

Copyright: October 2021
ISBN: 9781569908150
Hardcover: Hardcover, 820 pages
$279.99 (US)

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Injection Mold Design Handbook (eBook)
Bruce Catoen
October 2021


1. Introduction 
2. Overview of Plastics for Mold Design
3. Plastic Part Design for Mold Designers
4. Specifying the Right Machine for the Mold
5. Factors Affecting the Design of an Injection Mold
6. Cycle Time Estimation
7. Product Cost Estimation
8. Mold Layout, Drawings, and Inspection
9. Mold Shoe Design
10. Cavity and Core Design Overview
11. Ejection
12. Mold Cooling
13. Mold and Stack Alignment
14. Melt Distribution and Gate Design
15. Selection of Mold Materials
16. Fasteners
17. Dimensioning and Tolerancing
18. Mold Design References
19. Mold Testing, Approval, and Troubleshooting
20. Appendix


An injection mold is the heart of any plastics molding workcell. Understanding the principles of an injection mold design and its importance to a successful plastic part is fundamental to the success of the product. This book helps guide the designer, engineer, project manager, and production manager in making sure that the injection mold to be designed will work as intended.

This book will take the reader through the process of conceptualizing and designing an injection mold that will produce the desired plastic part. Since it all starts with the plastic part, the book will first focus on key features and details of the plastic part which are necessary for good mold design. The design of the main components of an injection mold will be discussed and good design practices will be shared. Finally the process of testing and gaining customer acceptance of the mold for production will be detailed. A comprehensive appendix and detailed drawings will provide the required detail for completing a mold design.


“This Handbook provides practical designs, calculations and rules of thumb that reflect both the engineering science and tribal knowledge learned over many years of experience.  This book should be considered essential for every mold engineering library as a reference tool for mold designers, engineers, project managers and molding operations teams.”
Vince Travaglini, CEO StackTeck Systems Limited

"This comprehensive book helps practitioners learn and improve their mold design skills. The reference mold designs provide practical and useful tools for everyone involved in the molding and mold-making industry."
Davide Masato, Assistant Professor, Plastics Engineering, UMass Lowell


Author Info:

Bruce Catoen

Bruce Catoen is the founder of OASIC, a technology, strategy, mergers and acquisitions consulting company. He has more than 30 years of experience in the plastics equipment business including marketing, manufacturing and product development. He served as the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Executive for companies such as Milacron, Mold Masters ,and Husky Injection Molding Systems. He is the named inventor of more than 50 patents and is the coauthor of the book “Selecting Injection Molds”.

Herbert Rees

Herbert Rees (d. 2010) was Vice President of R&D at Husky Injection Molding Systems. He is author of several books in the area of injection molds and molding, including “Mold Engineering”, “Understanding Injection Mold Design”, “Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding”, and “Selecting Injection Molds”.