Industrial Coloration of Plastics (eBook)

Pigments, Dyestuffs, Fillers, and Nanomaterials
PDF: 448 pages
Copyright: February 2022
ISBN: 9781569908532
$199.99 (US)

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Industrial Coloration of Plastics
Günter Etzrodt
February 2022



 Color and Color Measurement

 Plastic Materials

 Basics of Colorants

 Colorant Properties and Test Methods

 Inorganic Pigments

 Functional Pigments



 Organic Pigments

 Additives for Polymer Processing

 Pigment Preparations

 Application Methods of Colored Plastics


 Quality Management

 Chemical Safety, CLP Regulation, Toxicology

 Laws and Regulations



Successful coloring of plastics is a challenging exercise, requiring deep understanding of chemical, physical, and technological factors, as well as national and international regulations. Customer and regulatory demands are often very high, concerning toxicity, environmental factors, color specification/matching, stability, and cost, among others. This book enables the reader to identify the right color preparation for a particular product application, accounting for material and design.

Author Info:

Günter Etzrodt

Dr. Günter Etzrodt is Managing Director and owner of Pigments.Consulting UG in Stuttgart, Germany. He previously worked at BASF SE for 35 years in leading roles in the area of pigments.