Disruptive 3D Printing

Copyright: May 2023
ISBN: 9781569909188
Hardcover: 272 Pages
$99.99 (US)

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Disruptive 3D Printing (eBook)
Ralf Anderhofstadt
May 2023


Table of Contents


The Authors
Explanation of Icons
1 Additive Manufacturing - The Next Level of Industrialization
2 Disruptions – New Rules of the Game for Companies and People
3 Competitiveness Thanks to 3D Printing
4 Conclusion
Interview partners
Paradigm Shifts – The Collection



This book unites the two sides of additive manufacturing: 1) the technical aspect of 3D printing of very different materials and 2) the disruptive consequences for value chains between producers, intermediaries, and customers due to modern business models. This is because 3D printing breaks with many existing business models: companies take over functions from their previous suppliers (following the ""do-it-yourself"" trend), intermediaries lose their livelihood (so-called ""disintermediation""), manufacturers move their production to decentralized locations (e.g., retailers, car dealerships, or hospitals, so-called ""decentralized production""), and (end) customers become much more intensive ""prosumers"" than marketing (as creator of this term) could ever imagine.

The business models of many existing companies from very different industries are becoming toxic, i.e., threatening their very existence, as in logistics and warehousing, industry, services, retail, or customer service. Conversely, there are also many opportunities for modern, existence-securing business models, which the book discusses in more detail. In this way, this book not only shows to a broad range of readers the dangers of disruptive 3D printing technology, but also offers solution approaches and procedural models for identifying new economic livelihoods and competitive advantages. Thanks to the collaboration of the two authors, a profound knowledge of already existing references and management models can be drawn upon.


Author Info:

Ralf Anderhofstadt

Ralf Anderhofstadt is Head of Center of Competence 3D-Printing - Daimler Buses, Interim Head of Customer Services and Parts Procurement & Material Planning, Digital Transformation Manager, Scrum Master & Product Owner in Nersingen, Germany. He is also on the Association of German Engineers (VDI) expert committee Legal Aspects Additive Manufacturing.

Marcus Disselkamp

 Dr. Marcus Disselkamp is business coach, college lecturer, and technical author based in Munich, Germany.