Energy in Plastics Technology

Fundamentals and Applications for Engineers
Copyright: September 2023
ISBN: 9781569908983
Hardcover: 501 Pages
$229.99 (US)

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Part 1: Introductory Fundamentals

1. Introduction
2. Thermodynamics
3. Fluid Mechanics
4. Heat Transfer
5. Material Behavior
Part 2: Advanced Fundamentals
6. Steady-State Heat Conduction
7. Non-Steady-State Heat Conduction
8. Thermodynamics
9. Fluid Mechanics
10. Recycling of Plastics
Part 3: Practical Examples
11. Practical Examples
12. Appendix


"Energy in Plastics Technology" provides, unlike any other book, the necessary fundamentals for dealing with thermotechnical issues in the processing of plastics, leading to efficient, robust, reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly processes for high-quality products. Included are the following subject areas:

- Thermodynamics (main theorems, treatment of chemical transformations);
- Fluid mechanics including explanation of similarity theory;
- Heat transfer (free and forced convection, steady-state and unsteady-state heat conduction, some aspects of heat transfer by radiation);
- Thermal and caloric state behavior, deformation and flow behavior of plastics (rheology).
The fundamentals provided are applied - in exemplary calculation examples - to problems relevant to practice in the most important processing and forming methods: heating and cooling processes of molds, extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, pressing of thermosets and thermoplastics, calendering, FRP forming, foaming, casting, additive processes, forming processes, welding, coating processes. The focus is on energy consumption in the form of heat and work (economic and ecological aspects) as well as the resulting temperatures (quality aspect).
The book is aimed at engineers and students working in plastics technology as well as technicians and plastics technologists.

Author Info:

Wolfgang Kaiser

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kaiser has established a systematic education and training in plastics technology for engineers in Switzerland, at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and at the Department of Materials Science at ETH Zurich. He was jointly responsible for the establishment of the Plastics Training and Technology Center (KATZ) in Aarau and was its managing director for many years. He is the author and co-author of numerous scientific publications in the field of plastics technology.

Willy Schlachter

Prof. Dr. Willy Schlachter was Vice-Director and later Director of Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Aargau. After the merger to form the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, he took over the management of the development of interdisciplinary research and is now emeritus.He was previously Head of Gas Turbine Development at Sulzer in Winterthur, Head of Department in the Thermal Machines Laboratory at BBC in Baden, Mandate Technology in the Power Plant Division of BBC and, after the merger with ASEA, at ABB.