A Practical Approach to Scientific Molding 2e (eBook)

Copyright: January 2024
ISBN: 9781569902325
PDF: 205 Pages
$79.99 (US)


1. Injection Unit: Screw
2. Injection Unit: Barrel
3. Clamping Unit
4. Ejectors/Controllers, Human Machine Interface (HMI)
5. Machine Performance Testing
6. Process Development Test
7. Plastic Temperature
8. Plastic Flow
9. Plastic Pressure (Pack/Hold)
10. Cooling
11. Benchmarking the Injection Molding Process
12. Process Troubleshooting
13. What is Important on a Set-Up Sheet?
14. Commonly Used Conversion Factors and Formulas
15. Machine Set-Up
16. Things That Hurt the Bottom Line of a Company
17. Terms and Definitions


This easy-to-understand guide provides the necessary information to implement a scientific molding program. It is a hands-on reference for people on the molding floor, including those previously lacking theoretical background or formal education.
The book covers how the injection molding machine prepares the plastic and understanding of plastic flow. The functions of the main machine components are explained and understanding of correct procedures and testing is developed. Each step of the process is clearly explained in a step-by-step manner, and simple examples of important calculations are provided. The practical approach is augmented by useful guides for troubleshooting and machine set-up. 
An Excel spreadsheet with a process test and a machine performance test is available as bonus material. The 2nd edition has various updates, improvements, and corrections throughout.

Author Info:

Schiller, G.

Gary Schiller is a Certified Master Molder I, II, & III with almost 40 years experience in the plastics industry, including as an instructor for RJG Inc. He is an Advisory Board member for the American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute in Erie, PA.